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Project Type European Project
University of Athens - UoA, Greece
WEST Aquila, Italy
LINK Technologies S.A., Greece
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Project Description

Smart energy networks (SENs) are electric systems that use two-way networking technologies, cyber-secure communications technologies, and computational intelligence and control in an integrated fashion to efficiently manage energy consumption with the aim of providing a new electricity grid that is clean, safe, secure, reliable, resilient, efficient, and environmentally sustainable. SENs can be well regarded as a system of many systems, whose design challenges, requirements, and expectations can only be achieved through a holistic analysis, design, and optimization of all its components.

SMART-NRG(InduStry-acadeMia pArtnership for the design and implementation of an efficient, Reliable and secure smarT eNeRGy network) aims at bringing together experts, from industry and academia, from cross-sectorial research areas and complementary background, with the long-term goal of designing and developing a more efficient smart metering system for the future Smart Grid (SG). Special attention is devoted to the development of innovative Smart Energy Networks (SENs), with integrated communications, energy management, and security capabilities. SMART-NRG is committed to create a fully-integrated and multi-disciplinary program on the development of smart metering technologies. All efforts and funding will be focused towards this end.