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giovedý 09 maggio 2013

WEST Aquila (Wireless Embedded Systems Technologies, L'Aquila) is a high-technology company founded in December 2004, whose main activities lie in the area of Research, Design and Prototyping of products and services for the industry, with particular attention to Wireless Networked Embedded Systems, notably Wireless Sensors Networks (WSNs).

The research and technical background of the company rely upon system design methodologies, hybrid control schemes and fault-tolerant safety critical embedded systems, wireless networks to a large extent, and more recently focus on heterogeneous distributed networks. This expertise has been developed, assembled and finalized in 6 years of activities developed by the nine co-founder research-scientists of WEST Aquila, who have brought into the company their significant experience gained through participations to European funded projects within the 6th EU Framework Programs, and through long-lasting R&D collaborations with many companies, e.g., Thales Communications, Magneti-Marelli, Synopsys, Selex Communications, Accent S.p.a, PARADES, and top university partnership, e.g., University of California at Berkeley, and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) at Stockholm.

The main expertise of WEST Aquila lies in the development of innovative solutions and technologies for networked embedded systems. Notably, WEST Aquila has relevant R&D background in the design of WSNs, which encompasses:

i) the development of novel design methodologies

ii) the design and optimization of novel algorithms and protocols

iii) the experimentation onto commercial available platforms

iv) the exploitation of these high-tech solutions into business and market opportunities

In particular, company's associates have 6-year of expertise in theoretical, algorithmic, and experimental aspects related to the development of WSNs-aided localization/positioning solutions for, e.g., monitoring, healthcare, and vehicular application domains. This long-lasting R&D experience has land into the development of WEST-Lab: a general-purpose testbed platform for the analysis and design of novel algorithms and protocols for WSNs, which require localization capabilities to guarantee context-awareness functionalities and support geographically aware protocol solutions.



Main Projects Under Development

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WEST Aquila Srl

36 Strada Statale 17 Ovest

67100 L'Aquila (AQ)

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